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Fresnel lenses are great as reading aids, magnifiers or for use in DIY projection projects. This lens is great for reading fine print in books, magazines, menus, maps, telephone directories, etc. Makes a great gift for those who need a visual aid. They can also be used for light duty solar such as heating water and solar furnace projects and more. Measures 7.00" x 10.25" (Inches). Material: Optical PVC. Magnification: 3X. Quantity: Pack of 5.

Buy 5 Fresnel Lenses - Magnifier, Reading Aid + Solar Oven + DIY Projection TV Projects by Cz Garden Supply at amazon

  • Brand: Cz Garden Supply

  • Dimensions: 10.00" h x
    .2" w x
    7.00" l, 


  • 5 Pack - Lightweight, Flexible, Durable, Unbreakable PVC


  • Lightweight, flexible, durable, unbreakable PVC

  • Lot of 5 Fresnel Lenses

  • Visual Aid -- Great for reading small text
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Pewter, elegant, professional style, letter opener proudly features the Fire Department emblem. Fire fighter raised metal 30mm emblem in fine detail. Comes packaged suitable for gift presentation. A stylish gift to give or as a great item for daily personal use. Brand new, top quality product .

Buy Fireman Fire Department Firefighter Pewter Letter Opener with Raised Maltese Cross Emblem at amazon

  • Color: Pewter

  • Brand: GCD

  • Model: 74152754


  • Pewter, elegant, professional style, letter opener

  • Fire Department EGA 30mm raised emblem features intricate details on every level

  • Comes packaged suitable for gift presentation

  • A great item for daily personal use - makes a stylish and welcome gift

  • Brand new, top quality product
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The Writing CLAW is designed for proper grip development. This grip exercises control over the hand and gently holds fingers in the proper position for Righties and Lefties. Markings on the underside of the "finger cups” instruct proper placement. With The Writing CLAW, children do not need to think about the mechanics of the correct grip. The grip builds the positive habit of an efficient grip and produces improved handwriting and control. The extremely flexible connection of the CLAW works for holding pencils, pens, crayons, markers, utensils and paintbrushes. The CLAW is used in schools and pediatric clinics across the nation. All children, including those with Autism, ADHD, developmental disabilities, learning disabilities and general fine motor delay can benefit from using the CLAW. The Writing CLAW is distributed by industry leaders The Pencil Grip, Inc., the makers of the gold standard: The Pencil Grip. Includes 6 medium size grips in blue and red.

Buy The Pencil Grip Writing CLAW for Pencils and Utensils, Medium Size, 6 Count Blue/Red (TPG-21206) at amazon

  • Color: Blue/Red

  • Brand: The Classics

  • Model: TPG-21206

  • Published on: 2010-01-18

  • Number of items: 1

  • Dimensions: 1.50" h x
    .88" w x
    1.50" l,


  • Eliminates thumb-wrap and fist grips

  • For all children, including those with special needs

  • Grip stretches to fit on ALL writing instruments and utensils!

  • Universal design for Righties & Lefties

  • Medium size for K-5
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